Treasure Tress Trend Report
a nuanced approach is necessary to each and every region/market

Dimensionalizing the voices of the black and brown community, specifically within the beauty industry, is essential in connecting to the often underserved and overlooked.

The TreasureTress Trend Report truly highlights the diversity within our community and the need to service and understand the full breadth of the black beauty experience - one that connects with our array of cultural/ethnic backgrounds and lived experiences in our African diaspora. This was our mission when entering Camille Rose into the UK market.

In order to build a real relationship with the natural hair UK community, we stripped ourselves of the idea that the UK consumer would be monolithic to the US consumer. We diligently worked and partnered with Black British beauty thought leaders to ensure that we created a nuanced approach that provided real experiences, from events and more, to authentically connect with the UK consumers.

This is what the Treasure Tress Whitepaper embodies, the creation of an ecosystem that centers and spotlight the very voices, narratives and experiences that the beauty industry needs to hear and see.“

Having global and inclusive perspective as a FMCG brand now provides international marketers with a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to marketing to Gen Z shoppers. People want to feel that brands truly understand them and having a global perspective on human concerns and priorities helps local markets identify emerging needs and scale faster with global retailer partners, who are desperate for differentiation at shelf.

69% of black consumers are more likely to be persuaded to buy a product or service from a brand whose communication strategy positively reflects their ethnicity (Google/Ipsos, U.S., Inclusive Marketing Study, 2019)."

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