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shop at independents

The hair care advice given (at many independant stores) isn't accurate, the lack of customer care when you enter the shops; being followed around like a criminal when you are looking for products.”

59% of Black British women shop at Independent retailers for hair products, compared to 18% of African American Women.

Black British Gen Z and Millennial women are the most likely of these generations to shop at Independents (57% / 61%), the African American Gen Z and Millennials are the least likely to shop at independent retailers (8%).

Much of my experience in these shops is steeped in anti-blackness. From being followed by staff because they assume I'm going to steal something; to walking past shelves of whitening creams and hair relaxers containing toxic chemicals. It was always a conflicting experience because there were few alternatives.”

Only 1% of Black British WOMEN BUY
haircare products at Supermarkets

Safe products for Afro hair should be more accessible and available for every black and mixed family in any place.”

Only 1% of Black British women buy haircare products at Supermarkets, compared to 35% of African American Women.

Globally, Black Women from Gen X generation are more likely to buy hair products from Major Retailers than Gen Z and Millennials.

Black British women spend
Black British women spend
£168m a year on hair products

Black British women spend £168M
a year
on hair products.

58% of Black British women buy hair products at least once a month,
compared to 61% African American Women, 52% ROW and 36% Black European Women.

Black British Women are the least likely across all groups to try another product from 
a brand after a negative experience
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If you don’t like a product from a brand, how likely are you to try other products from that company?
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