Treasure Tress Trend Report
hair concerns of black consumers differ by region and generation
Dryness and Retaining length
are top TWO hair concerns 
ACROSS all regions
Main Concerns by Region
Source: Treasure Tress Trend Report, September 2021

Itchy scalp is the lowest concern in UK, Europe and USA, yet 10% of ROW respondents highlight this as their main concern.

15% of Black European women highlighted styling as a concern, the highest across all regions.

Gen Z more concerned with Retaining Length whilst Gen X are the generation most concerned with Breakage

Retaining length and managing breakage can be synonymous, however the difference in responses between Gen Z and Gen X is down to perception.

Main Concerns by Generation
Source: Treasure Tress Trend Report, September 2021

With rising visibility and representation of black women with healthy hair of varying lengths, Gen Z are less likely to buy into the myth that black hair can’t grow.

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