Treasure Tress Trend Report
Cultural nuances should not be underestimated

Brands are making marketing decisions based on African American consumer habits and retail trends - however marketing tactics aren’t one size shoe fits all, instead brands need to hone in on the independent countries, regions and create fresh campaigns to treat them as such. Cultural nuances should not be underestimated in marketing - ever.

Only 1% of Black British women buy haircare products at Supermarkets, compared to 35% of African American Women, 13% of Black-European Women and 30% of Rest of the World.

59% of Black British women shop at Independent retailers for hair products, compared to 18% of African American Women, 30% of Black-European Women and 37% of Rest of the World.

Percentage of Black women who shop for hair products online by region
Source: Treasure Tress Trend Report, September 2021
need more time with products & brands

Of all regional groups, Black British women need more time and experience with brands/ products before deciding whether or not they like them.

Black British Women are the least likely across all groups to try another product from a brand after a negative experience.

BLACK BRITISH WOMEN MOST likely to discover by word of mouth
styling as hair

I believe that 15% of Black European women highlighted styling as a concern because there aren’t many ways for us to learn how to style our hair.

The first place most of us tend to got to is YouTube as there are many women from the U.K. or the USA teaching us how to style our hair but a lot of European women don’t necessarily speak English so they might not feel engaged and they could also struggle to understand what the YouTuber is saying therefore they will find it hard to learn how to style their hair.

As Black European women are a very small minority in Europe there aren’t many Black European Youtubers who specialise in hair care.

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